The versatility and functionality of epoxy flooring have made them perennial favourites of garages and commercial businesses. Yet, more and more homeowners in the Gold Coast have seen the multiple advantages epoxy flooring Gold Coast can do for their homes.

Homeowners have seen the attractive alternative of using epoxy flooring for their basements, living rooms, screened yards, bathrooms, kitchens, and many more.

The popular use of epoxy flooring in many commercial and industrial structures is because of its durability and surface shine. It is only lately that homeowners have discovered how epoxy flooring can be the best elegant, low-maintenance, durable, and sleek flooring for their residential spaces.

Some of the important advantages epoxy floorings provide include:


Easy to maintain and clean

Dust and dirt on the floor are easy to wipe off solid floors that are coated with epoxy. The easy to maintain and clean feature of epoxy flooring make them the ideal floors to have for industries such as packaging plants, beverage and sustenance plants, and pharmaceutical plants. Coating a solid floor with epoxy makes them durable, hard, and smooth. These outstanding features readily make you see the versatility of epoxy flooring.


A Sleek and shiny floor surface

The polished sparkle and shine created by coating a solid floor with epoxy is an enormous advantage for both businesses and homes. The various styles and hues of epoxy coating make them one of the best kinds of design decor to have in just any kind of architectural structure.


Effective boundary marker

Industries have seen the advantage of using different hues of epoxy coating as boundary markers to the workplaces. Marking off designated areas for trucks, security, and other diverse areas are quickly resolved by using different epoxy coating colours.


Safe flooring

The sleek and shiny look of epoxy flooring does not mean slippery floors. On the contrary, the formulation of epoxy coating is designed to counter slips, fire, impact or heat.


Cost savings over time

It’s a given that it can be quite expensive to install epoxy flooring. However, cost savings over time are gained with floors that are resistant to abrasion, cracking, fading, and staining. Carpeting or tiling the floors may cost less but regularly restoring them to their former glory can cut deep into the budget.


Chemical resistant floors

A chemical resistant floor makes it the ideal type of flooring for industries that include the frequent use of chemicals. It’s of small wonder that industries make it a point to have their solid floors coated with epoxy.


Cooler floors

The use of tiles and carpets in residential floor designs is meant to mollify the overall look. While epoxy flooring seems to be the hardiest and sturdiest floor concept, it can feel very cold during the winter. While the cool surface works for summer, it can be hard to have during colder seasons.

However, some homeowners prefer epoxy flooring from other types of flooring. During colder climates, they have seen that supplementing their epoxy floors with rugs and carpets quickly resolves the issue.

A durable, shiny, and highly resistant floor is what industries and homeowners want and need to have. Epoxy flooring provides all these and more. Learn how epoxy flooring can benefit your business or home by contacting us at Bethell supply epoxy flooring in Gold Coast.





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