Modular homes are the next generations’ most affordable and stylish homes. They are environment-friendly, and great designs are readily available for you. Still, if you want a customised home design, building and construction engineers have got you back all through the journey of homeownership. Specialised shipping containers are modified and incorporated into home designs that are good looking and with aesthetics. Modern homes that are stylish with different colours to blend in with the choice you want, with pocket-friendly prices to get yourself a home of your choice. It sounds funny, but it is a reality, especially for middle and low-income earners whose dreams of owning a dream home were a mirage.

All the construction of modular homes is done locally with experienced building and construction engineers, who will be keen to hook-up all the utility installations like the electric wires, water pipes, and sewerages in place for seamless home functionalities. Aust Wide Transportables are a Perth modular home supplier who can take care of everything you need to build your modular home.

When everything is ready, before moving in, get a building inspector to perform a thorough building inspection for your safety. He will pinpoint issues and problems common in buildings for you to fix them, although some problems can be located by you, it is beneficial to contact a building inspector.

Benefits of hiring a building inspector before settling in

Structural issues

Structural issues do not mean cracks on the base or the walls. It goes beyond that. A building inspector will be in a position to pinpoint defects that an ordinary person can locate and those that require expertise if they were there. There is much more than the building inspector can do in all the aspects of the structure, including the flooring beams, window frames, the door heads and more. He will be obligated to evaluate every aspect of the structure while adding to a scorecard, and this will ensure nothing goes wrong in the future, which may lead to disaster or more money from the homeowners. In his final stage, he will draft an inspection report listing all the structural defects, including those that can be fixed easily and instantly and those that are not repairable instantly.

Plumbing issues

Plumbing is one of the major home systems; it doesn’t deserve to be overlooked. The weight it carries and the repercussions it can bring along to a home are detrimental. This is why it is important to locate defects in the plumbing system as soon as possible. The building inspector will look for defects and faults in your plumbing system like poorly fitted pipes, leaks and aging pipelines that can explode due to high pressure and examine the pipeline fixtures into kitchen and washrooms to ensure no defect exists. He will finally draw recommendations required to fix the plumbing system for your home.

External issues

Apart from external aspects, there are external aspects of a home or building that needs to be inspected by a qualified building inspector.  This might not involve structural issues but other problems that exist in a building externally including roof water tunnels for drainage, improper sealing that might lead to water leaking in, external repairs of the building caused by weather and deteriorated building materials and any other problem that may occur from the outside of the building like the doorways. He will also give recommendations on how to best fix those defects.

Roofing defects

Roofing defects can only be identified by a qualified building inspector; you will not be able to do it by yourself.


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