Home renovations are not as simple as many think, yet renovation projects excite many homeowners. Turning your older home into a highly functional and more modernized version of itself is what home renovation is all about. To make your expectations clearer, below are a few home renovation expectations and tips on how to minimise the challenges of the process.

Home Renovation Expectations

  • This project can be very stressful

Renovation can be truly stressful, not just for you but the entire family as well. Workers may not be working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, yet during the day all you can hear is banging, hammering, and a lot of noises. Then at night, the noise is gone but only chaos and clutter from the unfinished construction remains.

When under construction, there are no peaceful mornings and no good night’s sleep for you and the family. The noise, clutter and chaos of construction may make a house hard to live in, at least for a little while.

TIP: For home renovations, especially if the entire house will be renovated, looking for a temporary shelter is recommended. This is not only advantageous for you, but the workers as well, as they can perform their tasks without obstructions and limitations. If moving to a temporary house is your option, you should still visit the house under constructed regularly to check on current updates and the condition of the renovation.

  • Expect the unexpected

Particularly on expenses, there can be unexpected costs that may come up during construction. Your hired contractors should have provided you with the amount you need to pay for the job, yet sometimes during construction something comes up that they did not expect.

TIP: To avoid this from happening, consider getting a building and pest inspection before the construction begins. Also, it is highly recommended that the budget you save for renovation is more than the quotation the contractors provide. This is a good idea not only because they may assess extra expenses during the process of renovation, but also you yourself may change your mind about the materials to be used for your bathroom floors or would think of adding on furniture, appliances, or anything else that might add costs to the original budget.

  • Your neighbours will be affected too

Particularly in houses that are not single detached, noises and clutter may not only affect you but also the people living within the vicinity of your house. You are not living in a noise or dust proof house, hence expect that your nearby neighbours will get affected by this activity as well.

TIP: Letting your neighbours know that you are planning to renovate your house in the weeks or months before it starts is a must. You are not seeking for their permission, you are letting them know because you value your relationship with them and you respect and consider their welfare.

Bottom line, for home renovations, it is necessary that you hire the right contractors as this will assure you of a satisfactory and exceptional result.



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