A decoration is a feature added to something else to make it more attractive. For instance, furniture, ornaments, and wallpaper added in a room represent the room’s decoration.

There are a number of ways in which one can decorate his or her own home. These are discussed as follows:

  1. Provision of comfortable seating

One can provide plush home furniture such as sofas, tables, and armchairs in his or her living room to make it more comfortable.

  1. Navy walls

Painting the walls of a room with a deep blue color provides an amazingly neutral backdrop.

  1. Usage of furniture which is family- friendly

It is usually a prudent idea to choose fabrics and surfaces which are durable in nature.  For example, a leather couch, a lacquer table, and a plastic rocker are good choices because they can be wiped clean easily and give the room a nice look.

  1. Avoiding the use of too much furniture

It is usually a wise idea to equip your room with a few full-sized pieces of furniture rather than cramming in lots of smaller ones. This will make the living room feel larger.

  1. Having a gorgeous gallery

A tight grid of small frames of your favorite photos can be displayed on the walls of your living room to give it visual interest. You can switch them whenever you like, organizing them in albums by time, place or event. This makes your home more gorgeous.

  1. Classic elegance

You can position your couch under an extremely large window and this will allow sunlight and the scene from outside to be the focal point of a neutral room. This makes your room livable and more welcoming.

  1. Perfect symmetry

When in doubt, choosing dual accents, for example lamps, frames, pillows, and coffee tables, will always present a balanced look.

  1. Contemporary warmth

Golden yellow touches and an antique-inspired wall clock help bring about coziness to the family room.

  1. Sheer curtains

Use of thin and transparent curtains will let in light as compared to the heavy fabric ones, and this will make the room more comfortable.

  1. Designing around the TV

For everyone to be able to view TV programs without interference, the television set has to be placed at the focal point of the living room.

  1. Addition of your favorite plants

The addition of a little green does not mean that you have changed your home into a conservatory site. Rather, greens are good because they can help clear air toxins and will bring life into a space. It will also make your home more attractive.

  1. Choosing color patterns wisely

Having a lot of colors and patterns in a house tends to make it distracting to the eye, looking busy and crowded. Therefore, choose your favorite color or pattern for the wall or a furniture piece to bring about uniformity in your room, hence making your room more comfortable.

  1. Installation of proper and functional lighting

It is important to choose your favorite lighting for each space carefully, with close attention to the function of the room. For instance, the addition of under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen is a great thing to do.


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