Turn-key home is, just as the name suggests, a home where you can simply turn the keys inside the lock and move in it. This means that it is a fully renovated building that a suitable investor can buy and instantly rent out. Such a home is purchased from a firm that specialises in the renovation of old homes.

There are plenty of reasons that make a turn-key home a perfect choice for most people. The following are some of the benefits of purchasing a turn-key home.

  • It has a fixed price

Building a new home is an involved process and has a huge budget demand. It requires dealing with different stakeholders and meeting several unplanned costs. However, buying a turn-key home can help you to avoid such costs because you will be only concerned with a fixed price with all the documentation in place.

  • Less stress

Another great benefit of a turn-key home is you will not experience the stress associated with building a new house. For instance, building a new home requires a huge amount of time and effort in planning, organising, recruiting, licensing, and many others. Such things can increase your stress levels. With the turn-key home, the home developer will meet all the needs of the building or renovating the home and you will get the final product.

  • What you see is what you get

For turn-key homes, what you see is exactly what you will get because the home is already built and everything that has been included in the documentation can be seen. Unlike building a new home, the budget constraints may force you to deviate from your goal, thus not getting what you wanted for your home.

  • Time-saving

If you are in urgent need of a home, then a turn-key home is the way to go. The restoration process takes a short time and you will have a fixed date of moving to your new home. The opposite is true when building a new home because it is difficult to estimate the time it will take to finish the construction process.

  • You get an instant source of income

Purchasing a turn-key home can ensure immediate cash flow in the event that you purchase it and a tenant is living in it. You do not have to wait long until you start to get rewards from your investment.

  • Building inspections

With the turn-key home, all the building inspections are done by the company, some even do it for free for their clients. They ensure that the quality of the house is checked and approved by the relevant bodies. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you are living in a safe home.

Factors to consider when building a turn-key home

There are several factors that you need to consider when purchasing a turn-key home. The following are the major ones.

  • Location

As much as a turn-key home can be savvy, it must be established in a suitable location where you have quick access to public facilities. This is also important if you want to rent it out because tenants want a house that is conveniently located.

  • Cost

As much as a turn-key home is concerned, different companies can charge different prices for the same kind of home. Thus, it opens up a loophole for you to find a company that sells the home at a cheaper price.

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