Thinking about a bathroom remodel? The best remodeling ideas are those which are innovative and modern. A minimalistic bathroom can look great when coupled with the right kind of accessories.

Bathroom remodels are one home improvement project which can add immediate value to your home. You would be able to reap the benefits of remodeling investment if and when you decide to sell your home.

When remodeling your bathrooms, make sure to keep the following three things in mind:


Ask the northern rivers bathroom renovators to design a low maintenance bathroom

This would enable them to choose designs and finishes which are easier to maintain yet look esthetic at the same time. This allow the remodel to look fresh and new for a longer period of time. a low maintenance bathroom could have the following features

  • Quartz counters can be used instead of marble counters
  • High quality water faucets which come with a life time guarantee
  • Shower doors which are treated with anti-spotting agents


Energy efficient bathrooms

One of the biggest reasons why a home might have a better resale value is because of its energy efficient design and fixtures. Similarly an energy efficient bathroom can be in great demand. Since there has been a water shortage in the past few years, a bathroom which helps conserve water I in high demand. There are shower heads which conserve water, the same goes for the water faucets as well. Plus the energy efficient fixtures in the bathroom like the light and bulbs can contribute towards saving on electricity bills as well.

You can ask the bathroom renovators to install low flow toilets and tank less water heaters along with insulated windows.


A bright and airy bathroom

A bathroom which has a light and open look always has more aesthetic appeal. The brighter your bathroom is the bigger it’s going to look. Since you are already investing in the renovation don’t fall into the taro of choosing a dull and dark design. The following are some ways to ensure that your bathroom looks bright and open.

  • Adding windows or sky lights
  • Use the right lighting system
  • Choose surfaces which reflect the light

When you are remodeling your bathroom, make sure that all the features should have the above mentioned features.  You can easily make your bathroom energy efficient by using LED lights. These consume 70% less energy when compares to the usual bulbs and lights and that’s not all, these also tend to last twenty five times longer. Plus it also adds a touch of class when compared to the usual lighting system. The LED lighting system comes in a variety of shapes and innovative designs.

You can choose to have metallic tiles installed in the bathroom. This would help reflect the light better too. Plus if you aren’t too keen on metallic tiles for the whole bathroom you could simply chose to keep one side of the wall metallic while the rest can have the usual white washed tiles.

These are just a few basic ideas, so make sure you contact Northern Rivers top bathroom designers for more information.


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