Duties And Responsibilities Of Architects In Sydney

Architects are held responsible for designing commercial and residential structures. However, the role they play is not limited to this. Other than this, the architect must be in a position of making decisions about the style of the building, safety, and sustainability as one way of ensuring that the building meets the occupants’ needs and the requirements of federal and state regulators. Mostly, you will find the architects working with private clients and government agencies. Their primary duties and responsibilities are discussed as follows:

Customer service and retention

Architects work in line with their clients. Before the architects draft the plans; they have to meet with their clients severally to learn the main objectives of the client, the amount the client want to want to spend and any other important related to the project. Also, these architects work with other professionals in the same field such as the interior designers, the landscape architects, engineers, the construction representatives, and the urban planners. In many cases, the architects deal with the professionals and customers directly, which means that they must feature excellent communication skills both oral and written.

Designing, planning and developing

To design, plan and develop is the daily task of an architect. Mostly, architects are required to give out a predesign figure such as the land-use study, cost analysis, and the feasibility study or the environmental impact. Architects are always held responsible for the creation of final construction plans. The plans are usually used by the builders as a guide while working on the project. They use the plan to assess the look of the building, and details entailed in the building like electrical, plumbing, ventilation, heating, communication and structural systems.

Researching and knowledge

The architects are supposed to work as per the codes of the building, fire regulations, city ordinances, and zoning laws whenever working on their plans. When it comes to public buildings, the architects are required to be conversant about the disabled access laws. Through the fact that these laws keep changing in each day, the architects need to get updated on zoning, regulations and policy changes. Also, they must be updated about the latest energy efficient products and the latest building styles.  Therefore, researching is unavoidable in this field. By doing this, the architects Sydney will ensure that every design they come up with matches well with the current building structures. In some states, the architects are required to enrol in continuing courses so that their license remain updated. On the other hand, other states require the architects to attend seminars, conferences, and workshops to keep the license.

Technology application

It is true that the current architects apply of a lot of technology on their daily tasks. As a result, architects are required to be trained and get familiarised with the drafting systems that are computer-aided, get familiar with building modelling and any other related technologies. Architects must be in a position of conceptualising and experimenting using different construction approaches via software. Moreover, they need to familiarise themselves with the basic office software like accounting, word processing, and spreadsheets.

Education requirement

Architects are required to possess a degree from an accredited learning institution. Other than this, they must have an experience of more than three years before participating in the licensing exam.


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